5 Social Media Standouts in Healthcare Marketing

Social media is one of the most exciting marketing opportunities for healthcare brands today. Unfortunately, it’s often misunderstood.

As audiences become increasingly fragmented across digital channels, social media offers the perfect chance to form communities. It isn’t just for tech-savvy millennials anymore; middle-aged and elderly adults are some of social media’s fastest-growing demographics.

People are engaging these platforms to talk about everything ranging from what they had for lunch to important topics like finances, relationships, and health.

How can we healthcare marketers make it work for us?

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4 Simple Steps to Map Healthcare Customer Journeys

The moment when someone chooses you for their healthcare needs is key. But it’s easy to overlook all the other interactions that led up to that.

With a decision as complex as healthcare, it usually takes numerous interactions for someone to get there. The better you can understand all of these touch points–even if they seem minor–the better you can connect with your audience and present yourself as the best choice.


By creating a map that outlines the typical customer journey and assessing how well you’re handling every interaction.

Let’s dive in!

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What Can These Healthcare Brands Teach Us About Content Marketing?

Every day is an endless competition for your precious attention.

Thanks to smartphones and the Internet, it’s easier than ever for us to distract ourselves. Marketers in every niche are throwing big money at attracting as many eyeballs as they can. That explains why we see an average of over 600 marketing messages a day.

This puts healthcare marketers in a difficult spot. We can’t stop marketing and trust our audiences to find us on their own. On the other hand, we can’t bombard people with annoying, pushy messaging without putting them off completely.

Within this challenge lies an incredible opportunity: content marketing. Strategic content can help marketers strike the right balance. Instead of blowing through budgets and fighting for attention, you can earn it by creating positive experiences.

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Multichannel Healthcare Marketing: How to Make It Work for You

Healthcare marketing is full of excitement these days. With so many digital tools and platforms available–and new ones popping up every day–there are more ways than ever to communicate with your target audience.

As always, the challenge is to get the right message to the right people, at the right time. But the sheer number of options out there have made this more complex.

This trend will only continue as we grow more comfortable with digital interactions. By 2020, we’ll manage a whopping 85 percent of our relationships without talking to a single human!

People expect convenience, responsiveness, and, most importantly, choice. They want to communicate with businesses however and whenever they wish.

The solution, then, is to meet those expectations by opening multiple communication channels. Continue Reading…

Healthcare Marketing to Seniors: How to Make It Work Today

Many healthcare marketers are focused on appealing to millennials. Yet there’s an equally important, and often overlooked demographic: senior citizens.

Increased life expectancy, along with the massive number of baby boomers sliding into the senior demographic, will make this a crucial demographic for many years. The U.S. Census Bureau predicts that, by 2030, Americans over 65 will account for over 20 percent of the total population. That’s almost double the amount than in the year 2000!

Unfortunately, with so many people living longer, their chances of developing a chronic health condition increases. There’s simply more time for conditions to develop. Aging baby boomers will have to contend with plenty of doctor and hospital visits over the next few decades.

Figuring out how to reach these people in a meaningful way is paramount to many healthcare marketers’ success. Continue Reading…

Volume to Value in Marketing and Health

Something had to change.

Tired of skyrocketing premiums, co-pays and endless mounds of paperwork and confusion, healthcare customers are demanding something different.

The result: a fundamental change to the healthcare model.

It all started with the insurers and worked its way down. Instead of reimbursing providers for the quantity of services, many have started to reimburse based on the value of healthcare provided.

This value-based model has already shown a lot of promise in reducing costs and helping people get the healthcare they need.

It also has huge implications for your marketing. Continue Reading…

The Nuts and Bolts of Landing Pages

More people than ever are researching health issues–and making buying decisions based on that research–online. This goes for typical hospital patients, to medical professionals and sophisticated corporate clients.

Savvy healthcare marketers have recognized the need to adapt their approach. But, as more of them go digital in response to customer demands, many overlook a key element: landing pages.

What are landing pages? Why do they matter? And most importantly, how can you make them work for you?

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Marketing Healthcare to Millennials: A Guide

Millennials have a reputation for being tech-savvy, fickle customers, and rugged individualists. Because they represent a large portion of the total population and purchasing power, they’re a key demographic for many healthcare companies.

When it comes to marketing, millennials demand more. Strategies that are effective with older generations hold little appeal to them. Savvy marketers will hone in on what makes millennials unique–and adapt their approach accordingly.

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What Humana Can Teach Every Healthcare Brand About Better Marketing

Humana is a truly massive healthcare corporation. With over 52,000 employees and stock traded on the New York Stock Exchange, it’s one of the largest insurance brands worldwide.

These past few months have brought some major shakeups for the industry giant. For starters, they agreed to be bought out by an even larger competitor, Aetna. Additionally, they also began a major effort to focus their marketing in the digital space.

It’s easy to compare the size of Humana to your own brand and conclude their marketing has nothing to offer in the way of actionable insight. But, by focusing on the major principles driving their success, we can pull out important lessons applicable to much smaller healthcare companies. Continue Reading…

The 7 Deadliest Content Marketing Sins in Healthcare

“Content is king.”

Ever since Bill Gates’ bold declaration back in 1996, marketing strategies have evolved to respond to how people research, engage, and make buying decisions online.

Content marketing has birthed not just a different way of thinking, but an industry of eager bloggers, consultants, and other marketing experts quick to praise it.

You’ve certainly heard about content marketing’s potential…

But unfortunately, far fewer of us experience those results in our own efforts. Many healthcare marketers struggle to make content marketing work because they keep making similar mistakes.

Once we identify the most common issues, we can take action to fix them and start seeing the leads, engagement, and customers we’re looking for.

So, without further ado, here are seven of the “deadliest sins” of healthcare content marketing. Continue Reading…